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At SPREAD, we believe that art makes everything better. Better spaces, better ideas and better work – art elevates it all.
So, we have combined the worlds of art and business within our studio, creating a truly unique gallery space that allows our innovative ideas to thrive amongst beautiful artwork created by some extraordinary artists.


January - April 2024

March 31, 2024


In a world of mass production and instant gratification, Catriona Faulkner takes us on a journey of remembrance and devotion through the mundane and discarded shrapnel of our modern lives.


Catriona's work challenges our perception of beauty and value, transforming the overlooked and forgotten into something precious and meaningful. Her assemblages and shrines offer a deeper contemplation on the fleeting nature of time, while her visual language pays homage to religious iconography, ceremony, and opulence.


On initial inspection, Catriona's work has an aesthetic symmetry; she likes to play with the viewer's image of 'the golden ratio'. She creates intrigue through unpredictability, piquing the viewer's interest and revealing her recurring obsession with reinvention and interpretation.


Catriona began collecting as a child, her school desk and shelves obsessively filled with treasures. She continues to gather - magpie-like - shiny screws, nails, nibs and haberdashery, toy soldiers, tiny skulls, and bones. These mundane objects, broken, obsolete, and discarded, are given new life, assembled with delicate hand stitching, embellished with goldwork, and beaded into visual curiosities that tell a different story.

SHRINE - Artworks by Catriona Faulkner



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