The Art Gallery at Spread

At SPREAD, we believe that art makes everything better. Better spaces, better ideas and better work – art elevates it all.
So, we have combined the worlds of art and business within our studio, creating a truly unique gallery space that allows our innovative ideas to thrive amongst beautiful artwork created by some extraordinary artists.


October - December

December 14, 2023

Join us at the Spread Gallery in Chelmsford to explore Marsha Roddy's multi-disciplinary exhibition, Bleeding Hearts.

Originally from London, Marsha’s career spans over 30 years, working across Europe, the US and Asia, with interior comissions in Australia and private collections in Hong Kong.

Marsha’s work gives form to the inexpressible. Her ‘Bleeding Heart’ sculptures breathe a life of their own, layering a tapestry of human emotions that resonate with us all; their skin-like texture a testament to the fragility of our existence.

However, Marsha’s background in performance art and musicals composes a different narrative for these sculptures. Their delicate dance becomes a reminder that our hearts are resilient. They can be mended and stitched back together with the thread of life. They inspire us to do the same.

OPENING NIGHT - 26th October from 6pm


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